Thursday, August 8, 2013

What’s the Best Colnatec Solution for Your Process?

  1. Do you need to control your source?
    YES: You need a controller (Eon or Eon-LT)
    NO: You can use a monitor (Eon or Eon-LT)
  2. Do you need to control temperature of your sensor head (to match substrate temperature)?
    YES: You need a Tempe high temperature, temperature controlling sensor head and Eon (monitor or controller)
    NO: You can use a Phoenix temperature measuring sensor head with Eon-LT (monitor or controller)
  3. Do you only need or want to measure temperature (to reduce noise)?
    YES: You only need to buy the more economical Phoenix & EonLT (monitor or controller)
    NO: If you don’t care about measuring or controlling for temperature effects, you can use any provider’s sensor head, but for best results, we recommend Phoenix
SO…if you DON’T need source control

BUT…if you DO need source control

Put more simply…

Temp Control + Source Control = Tempe Head & Eon Controller
Temp Measure + Source Control = Phoenix Head & Eon-LT Controller

Temp Control – Source Control = Tempe Head & Eon Monitor
Temp Measure – Source Control = Phoenix Head & Eon-LT Monitor

We recommend RC crystals for any process up to 250C
We recommend HT crystals for any process from 250C – 400C and for self-cleaning use
For super high temperature processes above 400C, you must use SQ crystals

** We highly encourage anyone considering buying just an Eon-LT monitor or controller for use with competitor sensor heads to consider buying a Phoenix to go with it. Eon-LT can be used with other sensor heads, but without the temperature measuring capabilities of Phoenix, you will lose out on all the positive effects of temperature compensation, namely noise reduction.

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