Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Colnatec technology will change the economics of OLED manufacturing


Heated, self-cleaning sensors provide unlimited production runs for thin film applications

Gilbert AZ— November 6, 2012 – Arizona-based Colnatec LLC demonstrated at a respected research lab in Europe the world's first ultra-high flux OLED deposition sensor for high-speed, continuous run manufacturing. This ground-breaking system registers milligram-per-second rates over one million times the current quartz crystal microbalance limit. The sensor promises to dramatically change the economics of OLED thin film manufacturing.

Using the Colnatec "Tempe", a heated, self-cleaning sensor, in combination with the “Eon” deposition controller, and the “HT" high temperature quartz crystal, Colnatec engineers created a sensor impervious to deposition loads, benefiting OLED manufacturers with the ability to maintain continuous runs over extended periods of time, ultimately resulting in higher yields and radically decreased operating costs.

Until now, manufacturers had to contend with reading fast at slow deposition rates or coating fast with no deposition measurement, resulting in lower total yield. The Colnatec sensor can measure as fast as a vapor can be created, thereby eliminating the weakest link in the production line process: speed, coupled with real-time measurement. This ability virtually eliminates the need to shut down a line due to sensor failure. Measuring faster and measuring longer, with unprecedented accuracy, gives manufacturers more perfect products in even less time.

Colnatec is a growing technology manufacturing company in Gilbert, AZ with orders for advanced sensor technology from seven major OLED manufacturing organizations, research institutions, and system builders in Europe and Asia. Samsung has been a customer since they began manufacturing in 2010, and many more manufacturers and research institutions have recently discovered Colnatec due to their proprietary, patented (applied) technology's ability to eliminate sensor failure issues in situ for OLED mobile display and lighting, CIGS solar cell, and ALD systems.

About Colnatec LLC

Colnatec designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art sensors and electronic instrumentation used in the production of thin film solar cells, OLED displays (cameras, cell phones, monitors) and lighting, optics, and high speed electrical components. Through the use of patented and patent-pending technologies, researchers, manufacturers and system builders are able to increase the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic films, increase production run times, lower costs, improve overall performance, and ultimately increase yield. Colnatec is the holder of numerous patents, the recipient of Department of Energy Phase I and Phase II SBIR Awards for a revolutionary sensor to be used in manufacturing CIGS solar cells and one of eight winners of the Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge Grant Program to promote innovation in the technology sector. For more information, http://colnatec.com, (480) 634-1449, or sales@colnatec.com.