Friday, November 11, 2011

Arizona Business Leader Participates in White House Forum on Jobs and American Economic Competitiveness

White House Business Leaders’ Forum Convenes More Than 120 Leaders from 28 States

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Wendy Jameson, CEO of Colnatec, was one of more than 120 business leaders who participated in a White House Business Leaders’ Forum last Friday, November 4, in Washington, DC. The forum brought together CEO’s, senior executives, investors, venture capitalists and small business owners for a chance to share data, ask questions and raise concerns over how to create jobs and improve America’s economic competitiveness.

Senior officials, including White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, NEC Director Gene Sperling,
Commerce Secretary John Bryson, Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy Ann DeParle, and Federal CTO Aneesh
Chopra, participated in briefings that covered a range of business issues, from regulatory reform, to exports, tax reform and the American Jobs Act.

“Seven out of 10 participants were CEOs and Presidents – and nearly all of them called for dramatic, bipartisan action to address long-term deficits and expressed a desire to create more jobs – but few of them have ever had the opportunity to share their experience and expertise with White House officials here in Washington,” said Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward. “If more local business leaders get involved, we have a better chance at meaningful, pro-growth reform.”

About Business Forward

More than 100 senior Obama Administration officials have participated in Business Forward programming, which is now active in more than 40 cities and has included briefings with thousands of local business leaders. Business Forward counts more than 30 of America's most respected companies among its Founding and National members, including Aetna, Alcoa, American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of New York Mellon, CIT, Citi, Comcast, Dow, Duke, Facebook, Fidelity, Ford, Hilton, HP, Intuit, KPMG, Lockheed, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike, Qualcomm, Shell, T-Mobile, Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Visa and Wal-Mart.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Colnatec Attending White House Jobs & Economy Forum

Arizona manufacturer offering plan for bringing jobs back to America

Gilbert AZ— October 30, 2011— As members of the White House Business Council (WHBC) Roundtable, Colnatec LLC founders Wendy Jameson, CEO, and Scott Grimshaw, CTO, will travel to Washington, DC to participate in the Jobs and Economic Competiveness Forum to be held at the White House on Friday, November 4, 2011. Colnatec is a Gilbert-based company which designs and develops manufacturing process control sensors and instrumentation that effect higher efficiencies in state-of-the-art electronics such as mobile displays and solar cells. Ms. Jameson and Mr. Grimshaw were chosen with a select group of business leaders to share their successes in innovating and growing business, as well as to provide feedback, perspective and guidance on jobs and the economy.

“This forum seems an excellent way for our government to get ideas from small business leaders, and we’re honored to participate” said Ms. Jameson. “Like many American manufacturers we’ve seen peers and domestic suppliers go international to cut costs, leaving us with little choice than to import certain products. We’d like to see those dollars come back to the USA through incentives to do business right here, right now.”

The WHBC was formed at the beginning of the Obama administration as a means to communicate directly with American business leaders, listen to their ideas and lessons learned from successes, and to get feedback on the effectiveness of policies, resources and support programs of the government. The key goals of the WHBC’s outreach activities are job growth and increased competitiveness.

Colnatec is the recipient of Phase I & Phase II Department of Energy research grants to develop a high-temperature, self-cleaning sensor that will improve solar cell conversion efficiencies. “Our research grants enable us to move much faster than we could have on our own, and this allows us to compete globally,” said Mr. Grimshaw. “With good people and valuable insight from our extensive travels abroad, we see no limit to what we can do. Innovative small companies like ours will power America’s technology growth engine.”

About Colnatec
Colnatec designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art sensors and electronic instrumentation used in the production of thin film solar cells, OLED displays (cameras, cell phones, monitors), optics, high speed electrical devices and semiconductor wafers. Through the use of patented and patent-pending technologies, researchers, manufacturers and system builders are able to increase the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic films, increase production run times, lower costs, improve overall performance, and ultimately increase yield. Colnatec is the holder of numerous patents, the recipient of a Department of Energy Phase I and Phase II SBIR Award for a revolutionary sensor to be used in manufacturing CIGS solar cells, and one of 8 winners of the Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge Grant Program to promote innovation in the technology sector. Colnatec’s website or call (480) 634-1449

Wendy L. Jameson