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Independent German test lab confirms RC™crystal non-responsive to thermal shock

Gilbert, AZ-December 1, 2011- Colnatec LLC, thin film industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-end sensors, control systems and quartz crystals for deposition systems, has released the news that their patented RC™quartz crystal has been independently tested and verified by a German thin film lab to be thermal shock resistant. Thermal shock is responsible for thickness errors that can destroy today’s most sensitive electronics, so a shock-resistant crystal enables manufacturers to reduce yield loss and improve film thickness control.

“The RC™represents the solution to a long-standing film thickness measurement problem--the spiking of the rate when a crystal is first exposed to source radiation,” said Colnatec CTO, Scott Grimshaw. “The RC™crystal gives our customers, particularly thin film lighting and display manufacturers, a significant edge in controlling their process.”

The measurement of film thickness during a vacuum deposition process can be accomplished with great accuracy and precision using a quartz crystal microbalance, or QCM. A film thickness sensor measures the change in resonance frequency of an oscillating quartz crystal while a thin film coating is collecting on its surface. Under controlled conditions, it is possible to achieve atomic level resolution of the film thickness. In practice, however, this is rarely achieved.

As the coating builds up on the surface of the crystal, the resonance frequency decreases. For ultra-thin film thickness measurements, such as in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays or solar cells, a combination of frequency shifts caused by thermal shock, stress and film build-up can lead to thickness errors of 100% or more. As a result, the efficiency and functionality of the electronic device is seriously compromised.

Because the RC™crystal will not show a rate spike when the deposition source shutter is opened, and it maintains a consistent reading as coating accumulates, thickness measurements are more accurate. Sub-nanometer thin films are almost impossible to measure with standard crystals because the thickness overshoots during the thermal shock period.

“It is quite impressive that the RC quartz doesn’t show any negative effect on the shutter action,” stated Ralph Kempter, lab test director. “Also there’s no drift when the shutter is closed. Really impressive.”

RC™crystals can be used in place of standard AT-cut quartz in all commercially available film thickness monitors and controllers. They provide significant advantages in the measurement of nanometer films used in the manufacture of OLED’s, precision optical interference films, or next generation electronic devices.
RC Test Results
AT Test Results (pdf)

About Colnatec
Colnatec designs, and manufactures high-end sensors, control systems, quartz crystals and electronics instrumentation used in the production of thin film solar cells, OLED displays, optics, high speed electronic devices and semiconductor wafer. Colnatec is the holder of 8 patents, the recipient of a Department of Energy Phase I & II SBIR research grants for a revolutionary sensor to be used in manufacturing of CIGS solar cells, and one of 8 winners of the Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge Grant Program to promote innovation in the technology sector. For questions, please contact Colnatec website or call (480) 634-1449.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Arizona Business Leader Participates in White House Forum on Jobs and American Economic Competitiveness

White House Business Leaders’ Forum Convenes More Than 120 Leaders from 28 States

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Wendy Jameson, CEO of Colnatec, was one of more than 120 business leaders who participated in a White House Business Leaders’ Forum last Friday, November 4, in Washington, DC. The forum brought together CEO’s, senior executives, investors, venture capitalists and small business owners for a chance to share data, ask questions and raise concerns over how to create jobs and improve America’s economic competitiveness.

Senior officials, including White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, NEC Director Gene Sperling,
Commerce Secretary John Bryson, Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy Ann DeParle, and Federal CTO Aneesh
Chopra, participated in briefings that covered a range of business issues, from regulatory reform, to exports, tax reform and the American Jobs Act.

“Seven out of 10 participants were CEOs and Presidents – and nearly all of them called for dramatic, bipartisan action to address long-term deficits and expressed a desire to create more jobs – but few of them have ever had the opportunity to share their experience and expertise with White House officials here in Washington,” said Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward. “If more local business leaders get involved, we have a better chance at meaningful, pro-growth reform.”

About Business Forward

More than 100 senior Obama Administration officials have participated in Business Forward programming, which is now active in more than 40 cities and has included briefings with thousands of local business leaders. Business Forward counts more than 30 of America's most respected companies among its Founding and National members, including Aetna, Alcoa, American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of New York Mellon, CIT, Citi, Comcast, Dow, Duke, Facebook, Fidelity, Ford, Hilton, HP, Intuit, KPMG, Lockheed, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike, Qualcomm, Shell, T-Mobile, Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Visa and Wal-Mart.

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Colnatec Attending White House Jobs & Economy Forum

Arizona manufacturer offering plan for bringing jobs back to America

Gilbert AZ— October 30, 2011— As members of the White House Business Council (WHBC) Roundtable, Colnatec LLC founders Wendy Jameson, CEO, and Scott Grimshaw, CTO, will travel to Washington, DC to participate in the Jobs and Economic Competiveness Forum to be held at the White House on Friday, November 4, 2011. Colnatec is a Gilbert-based company which designs and develops manufacturing process control sensors and instrumentation that effect higher efficiencies in state-of-the-art electronics such as mobile displays and solar cells. Ms. Jameson and Mr. Grimshaw were chosen with a select group of business leaders to share their successes in innovating and growing business, as well as to provide feedback, perspective and guidance on jobs and the economy.

“This forum seems an excellent way for our government to get ideas from small business leaders, and we’re honored to participate” said Ms. Jameson. “Like many American manufacturers we’ve seen peers and domestic suppliers go international to cut costs, leaving us with little choice than to import certain products. We’d like to see those dollars come back to the USA through incentives to do business right here, right now.”

The WHBC was formed at the beginning of the Obama administration as a means to communicate directly with American business leaders, listen to their ideas and lessons learned from successes, and to get feedback on the effectiveness of policies, resources and support programs of the government. The key goals of the WHBC’s outreach activities are job growth and increased competitiveness.

Colnatec is the recipient of Phase I & Phase II Department of Energy research grants to develop a high-temperature, self-cleaning sensor that will improve solar cell conversion efficiencies. “Our research grants enable us to move much faster than we could have on our own, and this allows us to compete globally,” said Mr. Grimshaw. “With good people and valuable insight from our extensive travels abroad, we see no limit to what we can do. Innovative small companies like ours will power America’s technology growth engine.”

About Colnatec
Colnatec designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art sensors and electronic instrumentation used in the production of thin film solar cells, OLED displays (cameras, cell phones, monitors), optics, high speed electrical devices and semiconductor wafers. Through the use of patented and patent-pending technologies, researchers, manufacturers and system builders are able to increase the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic films, increase production run times, lower costs, improve overall performance, and ultimately increase yield. Colnatec is the holder of numerous patents, the recipient of a Department of Energy Phase I and Phase II SBIR Award for a revolutionary sensor to be used in manufacturing CIGS solar cells, and one of 8 winners of the Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge Grant Program to promote innovation in the technology sector. Colnatec’s website or call (480) 634-1449

Wendy L. Jameson

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gilbert group attends big solar-power conference, trade show

By John Stanley, The Arizona Republic

A contingent of Gilbert solar industry leaders, a town official and Valley economic development representatives attended North America's largest and most comprehensive solar-power conference and trade show last week in Dallas, another indication that Gilbert is solidifying its reputation as a regional hub for clean-energy technologies.

Kelly Patton, a specialist with the town's Business Development Department, attended the Solar Power International conference along with representatives from the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and the Arizona Commerce Authority.

The annual Solar Power International conference is one of the world's largest global solar expos, attracting more than 1,200 exhibitors and about 24,000 industry professionals from more than 125 countries.

Clean technologies are among the kinds of industry sectors that Gilbert is especially interested in luring, said Dan Henderson, the town's business development manager. He noted that solar is one of several clean technologies the town tries to attract through its Human Capital Program (which can offset an enterprise's training costs) and entrepreneurship programs.

Any business within the town's targeted areas - health care (including bio-medical and/or life sciences), science, technology, engineering or intellectual property - is eligible for the programs.
High-tech jobs are especially prized, Henderson said, not only because they typically pay well, but because those industries complement the region's workforce, which has a steady supply of science and engineering students from Arizona State University and other schools in the area.

Gilbert's economic strategies are designed to increase the town's per capita income, Henderson said.

He said the Dallas conference generated several leads for the town that he hopes will result in tech businesses building or re-locating in Gilbert.

Officials from Colnatec, a Gilbert-based developer of sensors and other products essential for the precise measurement needed to manufacture thin film solar cells, attended in something of a dual capacity.

Not only were they showcasing products, such as their new Helios sensor, they were acting as industrial ambassadors for the town.

"I've lived here for 14 years," said Wendy Jameson, Colnatec's CEO. "And I chose it because of the reputation of its schools and the accessibility of services."

She also touted the town's safe neighborhoods and the presence of a technologically educated workforce.

Colnatec recently won a Department of Energy Phase 2 research grant to continue its development of a self-cleaning control sensor with a virtually unlimited lifetime.

Jameson and Scott Grimshaw, Colnatec's chief technology officer, will travel to Washington, D.C., next week to participate with other business leaders in a forum on jobs and economic competitiveness.

"Colnatec is quickly gaining worldwide recognition with its innovative, world-class products for solar and other industries," Gilbert Mayor John Lewis said. "Gilbert is proud to include Colnatec as a major player in our growing technology cluster and we look forward to attracting more companies with their spirit of excellence."

The conference is presented by the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Solar Electric Power Association, each a non-profit organization intended to advance and support the solar power industry and promote the growth of U.S. markets.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Solar Power International

Gilbert, Ariz.-Based Colnatec Highlights Solar Cell Manufacturing Products at SPI 2011

World-Class Technology Leader Shines in Gilbert's Clean & Renewable Energy Sector

DALLAS, Oct 18, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Colnatec LLC, a leading solar technology company in Gilbert, Arizona's growing clean & renewable energy sector, is presenting its new Helios(TM) Vapor Phase Film Thickness System and other solar cell manufacturing solutions at the Solar Power International (SPI) Conference being held October 18-20, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Representatives from Gilbert's Economic Development Office (located in the Arizona Public Service booth #5913) will be promoting Gilbert's solar-related technology resources, business and partnering opportunities, and investment incentives to companies and site selectors from around the world.

"Colnatec is quickly gaining worldwide recognition with its innovative, world-class products for solar and other industries. Their impressive customer list, prestigious research grants, and even White House recognition all highlight an exciting company making a strong imprint on the future," said Gilbert Mayor John Lewis. "Gilbert is proud to include Colnatec as a major player in our growing technology cluster and we look forward to attracting more companies with their spirit of excellence."
Colnatec is the only company in the world designing and developing state of the art manufacturing process control sensors for thin film measurement of high temperature processes. "Our company is undergoing a strong growth phase and Gilbert continues to meet all of the physical, technical, and infrastructure requirements for our corporate offices, R&D, and manufacturing," said Wendy L. Jameson, CEO of Colnatec.

Colnatec recently won a Department of Energy PHASE II research grant to continue development of a self-cleaning, process control sensor for the manufacture of thin film (CIGS) solar cells. This follows a Phase I award the firm received last year, and it allows them to build upon current state-of-the-art technology and develop enhancements that will result in the production of an unlimited lifetime sensor capable of improving solar cell conversion efficiencies.

Arizona Solar Power Corporate Incentives
-- The Arizona legislature recently passed the Quality Jobs Through Renewable Industries Bill that allows companies engaged in solar, wind, biofuels and other renewable energy industries up to a 10 percent refundable income tax credit and up to a 75% reduction in real and personal property taxes.
-- A 30 percent reduction in the corporate income tax rate, up to a 34 percent state research and development tax credit, and corporate tax credits of up to $9,000 for each qualifying new job.
-- A 100 percent increase in the electable sales factor for multistate corporations and access to job-specific, reimbursable grants to train employees.
Gilbert, AZ & Greater Phoenix Region Solar Power Advantages
-- Arizona is home to the nation's only photovoltaic testing laboratory at ASU Polytechnic - border of Gilbert & Mesa. The most comprehensive, sophisticated, state-of-the-art facility in the world for testing and certification of solar energy companies' equipment.
-- Home to the world's two largest solar companies - First Solar and Suntech.
-- Recent expansion announcements from Power One, Saint Gobain, Gestamp Solar Steel, Rio Glass and Faist Green Tek.
-- More than 100 established solar companies operate in Arizona providing a range of services including manufacturing, design, installation, distribution.
-- Top two market for concentrated semiconductor workforce relative to total employment.
-- Solana, a 280-megawatt concentrating solar power plant under construction--it is the largest such project on private land in the U.S. Arizona is also home to the largest photovoltaic array on U.S. government land--a 15-megawatt plant under construction at Luke Air Force Base.

Newly-Established Arizona Companies Resulting from the Quality Jobs for Renewable Industries bill include:
-- Alpha Energies (57 jobs, $5.1M capital)
-- First Solar (600 jobs, $300M capital)
-- Linamar (52 jobs, $3.5M capital)
-- PowerOne (350 jobs, $11M capital)
-- Rio Glass (109 jobs, $50.6M capital)
-- Suntech (150 jobs, $14M capital)
-- Tower Automotive (182 jobs, $35M capital)

About Gilbert, Ariz. Economic Development Offices
Companies visiting with Gilbert, Arizona representatives at its booth will receive the latest Industry reports, statistics, and other informational materials about Arizona's solar industry and its unique economic advantages, investment opportunities, and future growth areas. Gilbert's Economic Development Office is committed to the attraction and retention of business and industry to the Gilbert community. The division provides expert support in streamlining site searches for businesses, connecting decision-makers and leveraging knowledge assets that spur innovation. Companies interested in opening offices in Gilbert should contact Gilbert's Economic Development Office at: or (480) 503-6010.

About Gilbert, Arizona
Located in the southeast valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Gilbert, Arizona is the 7th largest community in Arizona and 97th in the nation by population. With a resident base of 220,000, Gilbert ranks 36th out of the top 100 best places to live in America according to CNN/Money Magazine. Gilbert also has one of the highest ranked K-12 education systems in Arizona and noted as the 5th safest city in the country. For additional details on Gilbert's low operating costs, established clean technology employers, incentives and available workforce, please contact the Economic Development Office at or 480.503.6010, or visit: .
SOURCE: Town of Gilbert, Arizona

        TopSpin Communications 
        Joe Waldygo, 480-363-8774
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HIRING: Inside Sales Engineer

Provide sales and technical phone support for film thickness measurement and control products used in fabricating semiconductors, thin film lighting, display products, thin film solar cells, and other microelectronic applications.

Send resume and cover letter to 

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES (other duties may also be assigned)

--Act as the direct point of contact for our customer base
--Assist with product selection and technical support
--Administrative functions include generating price quotations, prospecting, order entry, and forecasting
--Assist in marketing, administration and/or logistics as needed
--Minimal cold calling to companies identified by Marketing
--Follow up with current customers and new prospects
--Use our MRP/ERP system with SFA/CRM tracking
--Coordinate with Administration and Production for shipping/logistics
--Track contacts through entire process: lead->prospect->quote->order->production->shipping->support->reorder
--Troubleshoot questions during sales process
--Write technical documents as needed, based on data required by sales prospect
--Explain technical details to non-technical customers
--Assist in writing tech papers based on research generated by R&D staff
--Minimal travel to trade shows or to visit prospects
--We'll train you on the technical aspects of our products
--FT, permanent position

--Associate's Degree in Science or Engineering field (BS preferred)
--Some experience with consultative sales
--Two years work experience in related field such as vacuum technology, optical coating and/or semiconductor processing
--Knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint
--Experience with ERP software a plus
--Motivation and commitment to succeed in a sales career
--Strong interpersonal and communication skills
--Able to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration with others in the team including customer service, production and sales.
--Analytical abilities leading to creative solutions
--Flexibility and ability to respond to unplanned events
--Excellent time management skills
--Ability to prioritize multiple tasks
--Ability to assimilate detailed technical information
--Good presentation skills
--Self-directed, fast learner of niche science
--Excellent technical and business writing skills
--Comfortable with MS Office and standard internet applications
--Must be able to pass background check
--Must be healthy and non-smoking

Pay is salary + commission: A talented sales engineer could expect to earn up to $100,000 within a year. Our company is young and dynamic, and we are looking for someone like us: entrepreneurial and comfortable wearing many hats, and taking the lead in our sales and marketing. This is an unprecedented opportunity for a self-starter with a science or engineering background to not only learn about the coolest new technology for making solar cells, but to get in on the ground floor!

Equal Opportunity Employer -- NO RECRUITERS!

Monday, August 29, 2011

HIRING: Marketing Coordinator

At Craigslist:

We need a Marketing Coordinator to keep track of all our leads, follow up, initiate sales, back up our administrative team, and do whatever it takes for us to achieve our global potential. We seek a serious and responsible, but fun and creative, individual for 25-40 hours/week (M-F every day) who can be counted on to deliver solid results to our sales team. NOTE: WE WILL BE OUT OF COUNTRY FOR 2 WEEKS IN SEPT SO YOU MAY NOT HEAR FROM US RIGHT AWAY.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Assisting Owners in coordinating various integrated communication and marketing activities
  • Coordinating a wide range of marketing communications
  • Developing and maintaining sales proposals and collateral, desktop publishing, newsletters, brochures, and many other materials related to marketing
  • Supervising the production or implementation of marketing materials
  • Executing a wide variety of details that involve email campaigns, outbound calls, trade shows and events, public relations, customer communications, media advertisements, promotions, and other marketing plans
  • Tracking campaigns, preparing performance analysis reports of post campaign and making recommendations to concurrent programs for corrective modifications
  • Developing standardized presentations, sales scripts, proposals
  • Writing and maintaining content and providing regular updates to company website (may include social media and blogging)
  • Producing quarterly newsletter and distributing it to email marketing list of company
  • Assisting in writing, tracking and delivery of press releases
  • Providing product positioning materials as well as training for customer service and sales
  • Implementing project management system for documenting and tracking activities
  • Attending trade shows & company sponsored promotions and events (no overnight travel expected)
  • Monitoring online blogs for tracking communications related to the brand of a company
  • Managing lead quality and lead opportunities
  • Developing lead generation plans with targets, measures, and objectives
  • Working with customers in developing case studies, references, and testimonials
  • Executing and analyzing results of advertisement and marketing campaigns

Skills and Specifications:
  • Proficiency with WordPress or other blogging tool required
  • Experience with SFA/CRM systems a major plus
  • Excellent Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook/MacMail skills
  • Effective project management skills
  • Sound understanding of marketing principles
  • Effective understanding of latest technologies and should identify how to apply them in marketing
  • Excellent copywriting skills and should be able to rework technical content for a wider audience
  • Good team player and should meet or exceed team goals
  • Work collaboratively as a team member
  • Be self-motivated, confident, energetic, and creative
  • Communicate excellently in verbal and in writing with all kinds of people

Education and Qualification:
Bachelor's degree in business, marketing or related field
Degree from an accredited institution

We value diversity. Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. NON SMOKING. Background check required.
Compensation: $25K-$35K DOE (FT) or $12-17/hr (PT); Vacation benefits only (FT only)

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Phoenix Business Journal, July 22, 2011

Solar company senses success

Federal grant could help Colnatec take its product to market

Premium content from Phoenix Business Journal - by Patrick O'Grady

Date: Friday, July 22, 2011, 3:00am MST - Last Modified: Thursday, July 21, 2011, 4:48pm MST
View photo gallery (4 photos)
  • Colnatec LLC manufacturing tech Sandy McPherson performs a quality control check inthe productionprocess of a solar sensor.
    Jim Poulin | Phoenix Business Journal
    Colnatec LLC manufacturing tech Sandy McPherson performs a quality control check in the production process of a solar sensor.
Colnatec LLC is looking to help develop the most efficient thin-film solar material on the market, even if it has to inch its way there one grant at a time.

The Gilbert-based company has parlayed a U.S. Department of Energy grant it received last year into a second phase, giving Colnatec an additional $450,000 to further develop and begin to market a sensor for thin-film manufacturing.

“We proved it would work, and Phase II is bringing it to product form,” said Scott Grimshaw, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

Wendy Jameson, co-founder and CEO, said the goal is to find the sensor a home in the solar industry.
“It’s about finalizing the development to a commercial product,” she said.

Colnatec has been working on the project since 2009. Grimshaw has a patent on a sensor that can clean itself and work under high temperatures.

In the thin-film solar industry, the cells that eventually form panels are produced in long, ribbonlike strings. During production, many of the sensors that measure the film’s thickness tend to not hold up well under high temperatures and often need to be recalibrated. That leads to shorter runs, with cells at the end of each run being less efficient than those at the start.

Colnatec’s sensor allows for longer, more consistent production runs, creating solar panels that ultimately are more efficient, Grimshaw said.

The recent grant is the continuation of a $100,000 grant Colnatec received in 2010 from the DOE to try to prove its concept. The federal agency gave similar grants to 116 other companies last year, but Colnatec was one of only 22 that were approved for the second phase, Jameson said.

The company has received other accolades, too. Earlier this month it was featured on the White House website, in a section devoted to innovators and those who are changing the economy. That connection was made through the Arizona Small Business Association, Jameson said.

In addition, Colnatec was one of eight companies in the state to receive funds from an Arizona Commerce Authority program designed to reward innovation and technology. It was the only Valley-based company to receive funds, garnering $239,000.

Brian Sherman, business development director for the ACA, said Arizona needs to make a better effort to support companies such as Colnatec from a business development and financial perspective. The innovation grants, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, were one way to do that.

“They’re a great example of the type of company we want to help in the early stages,” he said.

The ACA grant allowed Colnatec to hire a few people. The company’s current staff numbers nine, with two open positions. Jameson said the new DOE grant will help the company double its employment within a year as it moves toward a finished product.

The product may find a home outside the U.S. first. Jameson and Grimshaw have been traveling far and wide, from South Korea and China to Germany and the Netherlands, to find partners interested in testing the device.

Several Dutch and German companies have expressed interest, and they are willing to open up their manufacturing technologies to see how the sensor will fit into their production lines, Jameson said.
Developing global markets is a tough step for a startup, but something technology companies should look at during their initial growth stages, Sherman said.

“These guys are really smart and really aggressive and spending that precious money right now on a global strategy,” he said.

From the solar industry, Grimshaw said they can move into other high-temperature settings, including display manufacturing.

“It’s a question of us being able to meet the demand fast enough,” he said.
Connect with Patrick O’Grady at or on Twitter at @pogrady.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HIRING: Tech Support Engineer

Startup high-tech manufacturing company seeking high-tech support engineer to support sales and manufacturing departments. Our IDEAL CANDIDATE will have background in vacuum technology, optical coating and/or semiconductor processing. See also our ad on Craigslist.

We're a young, rapidly growing manufacturing company with strong international connections, and we need someone FAST to talk to customers and prospects on any questions they have regarding our products. We produce highly sensitive sensors used in vacuum manufacturing of displays, optical components and solar cells, and we ship them all over the world. We're a multi-award winning company with big plans and big needs. We need someone with a small business background who can learn our niche technology quickly and provide technical support to our manufacturing team while helping our sales team with technical questions. We seek someone capable of leading and growing with us. We value diversity.

Job Description:
Support mechanical aspects of product development, including drafting
Interface with machine shops and other vendors
Support inside sales by writing product specs and answering prospect technical questions
Deal directly with customers on product and process issues
Troubleshoot manufacturing issues
Supervise small number of people
May require some assembly

Minimum Requirements:
2-year technical degree (e.g. Industrial Engineering, MET)
2 years experience in AutoCAD
2+ years product development and/or production experience
Excellent technical and business writing skills
Personable with strong communication and people skills
Comfortable with MS Office and standard internet applications
Background in vacuum technology, optical coating and/or semiconductor processing
Must be able to pass background check
Must be healthy and non-smoking

Please send email with cover letter and body of resume embedded within to DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS. We do not open them.

  • Location: Gilbert
  • Compensation: Starting at $30,000 to $34,000 DOE with growth potential. Vacation benefits only
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hiring Again! Manufacturing Office Manager


Our office manager is moving to Texas, so we need someone who can fill her shoes fast!

MRP/ERP experience
Must have very strong bookkeeping skills
Must have kept books in manufacturing environment
Bachelor's degree preferred with 2+ years experience in A/R and A/P
Must be able to work independently (owners travel a fair amount)
Must pass background check

A/R and A/P management (invoicing and collections)
Sales order management
Raw material and packaging purchasing and management
Heavy interface with production department to manage logistics
Human resources
File Monthly State Tax Reports
Answering phones (low volume)
Packaging and shipping products to international locations
Receiving and stocking small parts
Manage filing and storage systems
Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
Manage mail and order supplies
Take deposits to banks and sometimes take packages to nearby shipping office

An entrepreneurial attitude essential, and we like perky :) This is a fun, exciting place to work where new science is being created every day. Our customers come from every corner of the earth, and we're expanding rapidly. Get in now, and grow with us!

Please no recruiters, no phone calls. Embed your resume and cover letter in the body of the email. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS.
  • Location: Gilbert
  • Compensation: Pay is $30-35k DOE. Vacation benefits only.
  • Principals only. No Recruiters, please
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Colnatec, four others get seed money

By Patrick O'Grady

Five Arizona companies will get seed money from a pool of $1.5 million given out in an Arizona Commerce Authority program designed to reward innovation.

The companies are among more than 100 that submitted applications to the program last year. Each of the five will receive between $100,000 and $250,000.

The recipients are:
ColnaTec LLC, a Gilbert company developing sensors used in the semiconductor and solar industries.
Sedona Energy Labs with operations in Flagstaff and Sedona that develops solar tracking systems.
MSDx Inc., a Tucson medical company that developed a test allowing biomarkers to track the progression of multiple sclerosis.
TruckItNow Transportation, a logistics company in Tucson that ships items around the country.
BioVidria Inc., a University of Arizona spinoff in Tucson that has developed surface technology for labware that aids in genetic research

The funding is intended to help companies continue research and development while moving toward a commercialized project, said Don Cardon, president and CEO of the ACA.

Colnatec Wins ACA Arizona Innovation Challenge Grant

ACA’s Arizona Innovation Challenge winners announced
$1.5 million awarded to fund early-stage tech ventures across Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ (March 16, 2011) -- The Arizona Commerce Authority has selected the first five innovative Arizona companies to receive a portion of $1.5 million to speed development and the commercial launch of promising technology. The winning proposals showcase each company’s ability to attract outside capital investment, create wealth through fast growth, provide quality, high wage employment opportunities, and generate export sales and tax revenue.

“Now is the time to invest in Arizona’s entrepreneurs,” said Governor Jan Brewer.  “As we refocus on the state’s aggressive economic growth plan, we will continue to promote programs like this that are sure to increase our state’s economic competitiveness and drive new business to the great state of Arizona.” 

The Innovation Challenge winners in alphabetical order are:

·       Biovidria
·       Colnatec
·       MSDx
·       Sedona Energy Labs
·       TruckItNow

“The Arizona Commerce Authority is committed to the success of Arizona’s entrepreneurs and small technology ventures. We’re funding innovators that will bridge the gap between Research & Development and commercial launch of new technologies,” said Don Cardon, President and CEO of the ACA.  “We are proud to be able to fund such innovative technology; this gives Arizona another step up as we compete with today’s global technology industry.”

Over 100 companies’ submitted proposals, the field was narrowed to 25 in February and over the last month; the review committee selected the final eight.

Contract negotiations are currently underway; it is anticipated that an additional three companies will be funded in the coming weeks. Each winner will receive between $100,000 and $250,000. For more information on the winners and semi-finalists, please visit


Monday, March 14, 2011

HIRING: Thin Film/Vacuum Engineer

We're in need of a trained, experienced and skilled engineer with a strong background in Thin Film and/or Vacuum Sciences. This position will report directly to the CTO and be responsible for running experiments and leading activities related to machining hardware, vacuum coating deposition, machine maintenance, and projects related to our Department of Energy grant for CIGS solar cells.

4 year degree & 2 years process/production experience OR
2 year degree & 6 years process/production experience
B.S. Materials Science, Chemistry or Mechanical Technology preferred
Ideal candidate will have worked in semiconductor, optics, or solar manufacturing environment
Skilled in basic drafting, machining & electronics
May run test experiments and document findings
Will support manufacturing and R&D
Comfortable with MS Office (significant plus if you can write technical documents or grants)
Can fix high vacuum machines; Works well with tools
Comfortable working independently
No benefits initially
Temp to Permanent, full time, M-F 8-5 (some flexibility in hours)
Non smoking, must pass background check
Pay is $35-45K DOE and skills
We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


This is a fun, exciting place to work where new science is being created every day. Our customers come from every corner of the earth, and we're expanding rapidly. Get in now, and we'll reward your loyalty!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

About the DOE Small Business & Clean Energy Partnership

One of the exciting things we've been working on at Colnatec in the last couple of weeks is the partnership of Colnatec and Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) out of New Mexico by the DOE Clean Energy Alliance. Here's a little about TVC, who will be helping us find funding and commercialize our new products.

TVC is a founding member of the Clean Energy Alliance and serves on its executive committee.  Under a Department of Energy grant awarded to the Alliance, TVC and other Alliance members will provide a range of business services to U.S. small businesses that are developing and pursuing the commercialization of clean energy technologies.  Colnatec has been identified by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as a match for TVC, and the two organizations have  agreed to work together.

From a TVC marketing piece...

An Engine for Technology Commercialization and Job Growth
TVC was formed in 1993 as a nonprofit charitable foundation by Lockheed Martin Corporation as part of the
management contract for Sandia National Laboratories. Its mission was to commercialize federally funded technologies. Goals: job creation, business formations and equity funding. Beginning in 2002, under a DOE cooperative agreement, TVC extended its commercialization activities to support at various times other energy laboratories including Idaho, Argonne, Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Savannah River, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore.

TVC assesses commercially viable technologies developed in the DOE labs and elsewhere, conducts market assessments, trains entrepreneurs and prepares commercial business cases. Since its founding, TVC helped form 100 new companies, secure more than $1 billion in private-sector funding in more than 200 funding events and create more than 13,000 jobs.

Conducts a training program in its Center for Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Training that acquaints potential entrepreneurs with the components of forming, planning, financing, operating and expanding a business entity. Since its inception, CCET has trained more than 15,000 entrepreneurs in several states.
Prepared a seven-module, online federal technology transfer training course for DOE and lab employees.
Conducts workshops on writing patent applications taught by a licensed patent attorney. More than 300 entrepreneurs have participated to date. Presents quarterly market research workshops for entrepreneurs.
Offers workshops and newsletters for entrepreneurs on how to secure SBIR grants. More than 700 have participated in the program in the last ten years.

Employs a successful, unique commercialization model that connects innovators, entrepreneurs and investors nationwide to create companies and take federal laboratory inventions to the marketplace.
Works with venture capital firms and other investors throughout the country, bringing to their attention interesting new technologies, first-rate business plans and committed entrepreneurs.
About one-third of entrepreneurs who present at TVC’s annual Equity Capital Symposiums are funded—an unrivaled record. Fields advisory teams of business professionals who serve as pro bono mentors to entrepreneurs who are preparing business plans and presentations to investors.

Founding member of the Clean Energy Alliance, formed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to accelerate growth of cleantech companies; supports the NREL annual Growth Forum focused on funding cleantech entrepreneurs. Collaborates with technology transfer officials at DOE laboratories to help them fulfill their mission to commercialize technologies. Created an intellectual property “bundling” program with SNL, LANL, LLNL and NTS to leverage IP and promote the development of inter-institutional IP portfolios and facilitate licensing negotiations. Supports small business technical assistance programs offered by DOE aimed at helping entrepreneurs overcome technical hurdles.

Publishes Innovation Magazine, America’s Journal of Technology Commercialization, a bimonthly that circulates to more than 16,000 investors, scientists and engineers, technology company executives, entrepreneurs and technology transfer officials. Innovation provides readers with timely information on current research, best practices, funding resources, government programs and innovative ideas, with emphasis on DOE laboratories. Offers management team recruitment services to startup companies that includes job opening and resume posting on its technology job web site and personnel policy development guidelines.

Monday, February 28, 2011

ColnaTec Accepted in DOE Partnership!


Wendy L. Jameson

ColnaTec Accepted In DOE Business and
Clean Energy Alliance Partnership

Gilbert, AZ( FEBR 22, 2011) Just this month ColnaTec received word that they were accepted in the DOE Small Business and Clean Energy Alliance Partnership, a group set up with the support of a $1.2 million grant of American Resource and Recovery Act funds to provide a complete range of services to U.S small businesses that are developing and pursuing the commercialization of clean energy technologies.

They have been paired by the CEA with an incubator in New Mexico that has helped form 113 new businesses, secure nearly $1.18 billion in private funding commitments to its client companies and create over 13,504 jobs.

As DOE SBIR innovation grant recipient, ColnaTec was invited to participate by the DOE in November, 2010, and underwent extensive application process. In late February 2011, their application was accepted; they were then teamed up with an industry -related incubator in New Mexico that is familiar with early stage manufacturing in the solar industry. Wendy Jameson, ColnaTec's CEO said, " We've only just begun the relationship, but with the DOE/CEA support, I feel confident we will take major steps in our commercialization efforts. Good news for ColnaTec is good news for Arizona."

About ColnaTec LLC.
ColnaTec designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art sensors and electronic instrumentation used in the production of thin film solar cells, OLED display( Cameras, cell phones, monitors), optics, high speed electrical devices and semiconductor wafers. Through the use of our patented and patent pending technologies, research and manufacturers are able to increase the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic films, increase production run times, lower cost, improve overall performance, and ultimately increase yield. ColnaTec sensor systems lead to a greener world, one atom at a time. For more information, please visit www.colnatec.conm or contact Wendy Jameson,
# # #

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're hiring again: PT Marketing Assistant

We're looking for a part-time marketing coordinator with office skills who can cross-train on our ERP system. We're looking to fill midday hours M-F with occasional longer days to cover phones when we're traveling the globe looking for new customers and attending tech trade shows. Pay will be $12-17/hr DOE with no benefits initially, but with flexible working hours and a crazy-fun environment. Specific duties will include trade show planning, marketing materials creation, website assistance, data entry, subscription management as well as order entry and other administrative functions. We expect the job to go FT inside a year, perhaps inside 6 months, depending on sales!

If you're looking for some part-time work in a fast-growing, fun and exciting startup manufacturing company in Gilbert, AZ with international intrigue, please contact us at marketing @ We prefer resumes in the body of the email and a quick explanation of what you're looking for.

Description of Job Duties:
Assisting in telephone-based sales calls to customers
Trade show planning and preparation
Product Launch preparation
Marketing materials & other document preparation
Managing marketing campaigns, lead tracking
Website management, SEO/SEM
Entering data into our ERP system (sales & purchase orders, HR, billing)
Some bookkeeping functions
Reception, filing and other office duties as needed

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors degree in marketing or administration
Must be comfortable with all MS Office applications & internet use
Must be very organized and efficient
Strong computer skills
Ability to work independently
Entrepreneurial attitude is critical

This person will train to be backup for our supply chain manager in addition to marketing activities.
Must pass background check and sign NDA. Graphic design and project management experience highly sought.
We are willing to train and invest in the right person, and we will be very generous with individuals who show strong commitment. Come grow with us!

We made the finals!

We did it! Well...we've made the first cut, at least...

Just this morning we received word that we've been selected as one of the 25 finalists in the Arizona Innovation Challenge. We submitted a grant proposal in late December, and we expect to hear who made the final cut sometime soon. It was initially reported that the grants would be awarded in late January, but it now appears to be pushed back awhile to a date unknown. We're hopeful we'll get funding by early February. Here is what we received:

The day before Thanksgiving, 2010, we launched the ACA Innovation Grant Program.  We were determined to try something new, something bold.  We asked you to submit a proposal in less than thirty days, and you responded.

We knew there were a lot of good ideas out there.  There always have been.  What we found was there are a lot of great ideas that have the makings of great businesses.  And we have a very rare opportunity to invest in a few.  Along the way, we put together a team of partners who helped us transform this program into the Arizona Innovation Challenge.  We’re determined to make this a success so we can do it again and again.

While you’ve been patient a small group of very experienced, very dedicated people have worked around the clock to identify the best proposals.  It hasn’t been easy.  We’re still working on it.  I had hoped to make this announcement today by launching the Arizona Innovation Challenge website.  Well, we tried.  We really did.  Please stay tuned for that.  I think you will be proud to be a part of it.

Though many of you will be disappointed, and most of you will not be funded this time, you should be proud of the depth and breadth of innovation in our state.  And this is only the beginning!  Tonight it is my pleasure to announce the Top 25 semifinalists for the Arizona Innovation Challenge:

Avelis, LLC
BioVidria, Inc.
Calimmune, Inc.
Colnatech, LLC
Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Eco-Edge, LLC
Energy Derived, LLC
Environmental Technology Solutions, LLC
HJ3 Composite Technologies, LLC
Kutta Radio, Inc.
MaxQ Technology, LLC
MC Power Systems, LLC
Medipacs, Inc.
MSDx, Inc.
PathoGene, LLC
PureTech Systems, Inc.
QuantTera, LLC
Sedona Energy Labs, LLC
Solar Pool Technologies, Inc.
Surgical Tools, LLC
TruckItNow, Inc.
Internet software startup in stealth mode
Optics startup in stealth mode

If you see your company above, congratulations!  You are still in the hunt.  The awardees will be announced very soon.

So yeah, they misspelled our name. Not a big deal right now, but I am working feverishly to get that spelling of our name into our website meta data :) The company with that name in its URL is Colombian.

Wish us luck!