Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strategic Partnership with Cornell University

We've mentioned before that we're working with Darrell Schlom and Cornell University, but we haven't said much about what we're doing.

Our partnership with Professor Schlom and Cornell is all about building a specialized sensor and meeting the unique needs of the MBE community. Our CTO, Scott Grimshaw, has led the charge in high temperature sensing and remains an advocate for designing quartz-based measurement and control systems for the unique needs of high temperature processes (>90C). Professor Schlom, like Colnatec, is willing to adopt new technologies which allow him to push past current thinking and beyond existing technical barriers to solve problems no one else is able to.

This work is driven by the requirement that atom by atom fabrication of electronic devices needs ultra precise analytical tools to control those processes. Colnatec has chosen to develop instrumentation to meet the demands of the next generation materials research and electronic device manufacture. With Cornell we are building the highest sensitivity and stability thin film measurement sensor ever made. Future work will involve the construction of an instrument capable of measuring single atom depositions on crystal surfaces.

The speculative and high risk nature of these efforts can only be possible through working with forward-thinking organizations like the Nano Fab facility at Cornell and pioneering researchers such as Darrell Schlom. Colnatec already provides Schlom's team with our patented, super-stable RC crystal, and will deliver a first generation high temperature sensor head based on Schlom's specifications by Q4.

If your organization needs unique thinking to solve a complex problem, please contact us at

Partnership with ASU Engineering Research Center

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with ASU and several of their research partners--Princeton University, North Carolina A&TSU, to name two--plus a host of industry partners, like Raytheon, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Barrow Neurological Institute and Mayo Clinic, to name a few, to sell the National Science Foundation on funding a Center for Flexible Systems Engineering Research Center here in Arizona. We are a small piece of a very large plan, but the small business partners are key to taking the research ideas into the marketplace.

We're proud to say we're involved, and we very much look forward--with great hope that it happens--to working with all the partners on designing, building and COMMERCIALIZING some cutting edge products!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Need to hire very soon

We're hiring! Seeking Manufacturing Tech: HS grad w/some college, reliable, non-smoking to work w/small pieces in fast-paced production environment $10/hr, no benefits. Must be reliable, will be trained. 30 day probationary period. Resumes to